The Mullum Music Festival would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters that make the event possible.

Special thanks to Ben Franklin, Simon Richardson, Jess Gilmore, Allison Rog- ers and the Byron Shire Council staff and Councillors, Mark Thomas, Rich- ard Vinycomb, Ben Roche, Alan Hughes, Dave Sanders and the staff at SCU, Jamie Stanbury and the local electricians that lend a hand, Ross, Jamie, Brad, Viren, Sally, Jasmin, and all the amazing staff at Stone and Wood, Janelle & Dean Stanford, the Mullum Showgrounds staff and com- mittee, Alice, Simone and Patrina at Spaghetti Circus, Chris Handley, Ben Funnell, Lauren O’Connor, Jill Mooney, Russell Burton, Daniel Musgrave, Dirk Terrill, Jeff McLeod, Justine Fraser, Angela Cornell (along with Ziggi, Hans, Jeff & Kate), Julie Williams, Delta Kay, Jolene Ryan, Talisha Kend- ell, Tracy Simpson, Syd and Jane, Allie Goodfrey, Sasha Mainsbridge, Kate Singleton, Steve Connelly, Dave Rawlins, Joanne Green, Peter Ryan, Greg Armstrong, Cameron Johnson, Susan Tscalis, Maria & Alex Haldemann, Mick Hardy, Tony Campbell, Heather Rose, Tim and Josie, all the amazing venue owners and operators, our incredible volunteers, the performers and our wonderful staff and contractors.

Our Team:
General Manager: Nino Haggith
Artist Liaison, Programming Assistant: Kate Atkinson
Production: Steve Law

Volunteers: Kate Stroud

Merchandise: Shien Chee
Venue managers: Alan Wynn, Ben Brennan, Pete Papandrea, Kate Stroud, Rob Hague, Reuben Zeh, Dave Biggin, Sue Simpson, Maisy Taylor
Festival Bar Licensees: Caroline Kinsella, Michelle Eabry
Ticketing: Goldie Rabinonowitz
National Publicist: Clare McGregor
Northern Rivers Publicist: Mandy Nolan
Tree Planting Festival: Peter Ryan, Jo Greene, Dave Rawlins
Waste Management: Wren Mclean, Joanne Hoy
Town Planners: Planners North
Treasury: Matthew Long, Steve Edmonds
Ingenuity Sculpture Festival: Joey Ruigok Van Der Werven, Suvira McDonald, Sarah-Jane McGrath
Youth Mentorship: Aine Tyrrell
Community Program: Ella Rose Goninan
Very Important Person: Nicky McLaughlin
Legal: Wroth Wall
Website: Jean Eric Mamet

Design | Layout: Nick Smith

Artwork: Jefferton James

PIANO TUNER: Norman Appel (the best on the north coast)
Work Experience Guy: Glenn Wright