Fri | Courthouse | 10.30pm
Sat | Bowlo | 4pm
Sun | Courthouse | 1.30pm

Originally a trio that experimented against the grain of their cosy country surroundings, Sunnyside is now a six-piece collective of jamming journeymen. They make music that excites more than simply your auditory senses. Music that you can feel, played with a feeling that you need to see.

Their method is mezmerizing and their creative process is uncontrollable. It's this spontaneity and mystery that makes each show so unique. They are just as captivating in a small bar as they are on larger stages, recently playing festivals such as NYE on the Hill, Something Unlimited & Hopkins Creek Festival.

With another highly anticipated album around the corner, the young sextet can expect to be turning even more heads and pricking many more ears.

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