Sat 16th | 9am | St Martin’s Hall (workshop)
Sun 17th | 12pm | Bowlo

Curious about how Deaf people enjoy music? Have you ever met members of our local Deaf community?

Come and experience ‘Sign of the Times’, a unique sign/singing ensemble based here in Mullumbimby. They interweave Auslan ‘( The Australian native sign language of the Deaf Community ) with music and movement in a musical sway.

Deaf and Hearing members unite to entertain and share a range of songs expressed in a dynamic and creative way.

We invite you to witness the vibrant visual language of Auslan. Share in the tangible joy our ensemble creates as we express musical ideas through a Deaf cultural lens.

This ensemble fosters inclusivity by heightening the awareness of a subculture in our local shire and exposes their beautiful language through a cultural arts identity.

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