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Ten years ago Nano Stern found his voice as a solo artist in Europe... a long way from his home in Chile. He disovered the Ethno world at Histria in Slovenia, performed standing ovation shows at Viljanid Folk Festival with Maarja Nuut guesting on violin... all leading to the creation of the folk super group, Ethno in Transit, with Matija Solce. It was during this time that Nano wrote the song, Necesito Una Cancion, that would announce his arrival as a new voice in the Latin American folk music tradition and Chile's Nuvea Cancion.

Nano Stern is a contemporary Latin American roots artist, riding the crest of the new wave of Chilean Song, with a devoted following that stretches out from Chile, into Latin America, north to Mexico, Canada and the USA, over to Europe and down in Australia. His musical virtuosity, mesmerizing and charismatic live performances and his passionate and poetic advocacy for social justice result in a true and honest universal message, delivered with intense energy and a high level of musicality, dwelling deeply into tradition whilst being contemporary with the passion of youth.

Nano has mastered his own; deeply rooted in traditional Chilean music and inspired by legends Violeta Parra, Victor Jara, and Intiâ Illimani, yet combined with a host of influences absorbed from his travels around the world, as well as his early classical training. Added to the mix is a love for rock, which results in a truly unique sound, the whole becoming greater than the sum of the parts.

Stern is an accomplished musician, playing a range of instruments from Spanish guitars and violin to the Andean and Nordic flutes. Not to be underrated is the power and emotion that emanates from his vocal prowess and his intimate and rousing connection to his audiences, at home in Chile and across the world.

His contagious personal energy and his fluency in multiple languages allows Nano to warmly include his international audiences in the stories of his Spanish songs.

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