Fri | Drill Hall | 7.45pm
Sat | St Martins Hall | 1.30pm
Sun | Drill Hall | 6pm

“Monique brings courage and a zeal for life together in her music – she’s a joy to hear”.
– Punch Brothers bassist, Paul Kowert

Weaving compelling lyrics, driving cello lines and heart-tugging harmonies, Monique Clare is a multi-award winning Australian songwriter and cellist. Anchored by a deep love of folk tradition, classical training and a Björk obsession, her songs push the possibilities of her instrument and roll in an eclectic set of influences.

Her diverse career so far has included teaching cello in Afghanistan, hosting mountaintop sunrise concerts, playing cello with Eminem and touring internationally as part of The Maes. She was the 2017 Folk Alliance Australia Young Artist of the Year and has showcased as an official artist at Folk Alliance International Conference.

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