Fri | Drill Hall | 9pm
Sat | Drill Hall | 6pm
Sun | St Martins Hall | 7.30pm

An utterly captivating performer. Loren Kate’s angelic voice, evocative guitar playing and delicate storytelling are delivered with rare humour and grace that is both humbling and inspiring.

While a far cry from gospel music, Loren’s music shares that same uplifting spiritualism. It ain't preachy. More so, 'stubbornly positive' - putting one foot in front of the other, keeping her head above water. Loren’s stories organically stem from this place - of endurance; perseverance. But it's not in any way pretentious. In a world where superficial reigns supreme, Loren prescribes returning to our true self. It's simply Loren on a plate. What she does is crack you open, expose your rawness and wrap you back up again so you can leave safe and warm.

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