Husky presents:
First Kiss Goodnight
(Fri+Sat+Sun | Village Vanguard)
Husky Gawenda (Fri | 6.30pm | St Martins Hall - Solo)
Gideon Preiss's PIANO BAR
(Fri + Sat + Sun)

We are thrilled to welcome back the incomparable Husky Gawenda & Gideon Preiss to our 12th Mullum Music Festival!
Don't miss the very special 'First Kiss Goodnight' collaborations (Fri, Sat & Sun), as well as a very special solo performance by Husky Gawenda, and the return of the festival PIANO BAR presented by Gideon Preiss.
"In our second year as patrons of our favourite festival on the planet, we’re stoked to present three of our new side projects. Come see us, hear us, hang out with us, dance with us and be yourself with us. There will be music and love and madness in the air, trust us. See you there!"
-Husky Gawenda & Gideon Preiss (HUSKY)

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