For over a decade now the patrons of Mullum Music Festival have brainstormed innovative projects to add to the creative footprint of this much loved annual event. Mullum Music Festival is a festival with no VIP areas. It’s about artists and festival goers all being part of the musical melting pot. Each year the Festival patrons find a way to make their contribution meaningful which means as time goes on it becomes a challenge to come up with something that hasn’t been done! Rising to the challenge for their second and final year as patrons are Husky!

This year Husky Gawenda and Gideon Priess of Husky have decided that after doing some musical collaborations with friends last year that 2019 is all about going way out of the ballpark with something left field. Something that includes sound AND vision!

Welcome to ‘First Kiss Goodnight’. Featuring the musical inspirations of Matt Redlich as a producer and co- writer and visual designer Erin Van Occi who together will produce video, music and images for some of Gideon and Husky’s newest side-project. The idea is to present the songs in a casual setting where the audience can come and dance and hang out and be part of this very organic music and visual exploration.

Gideon Preiss is excited about what’s in store this year.

‘It’s this project that grew organically out of late night sessions after we finished recording the Husky music and we wanted to keep the music going. It’s a free open ad inspired project. Matt had this old friend Erin and sent her visuals and sent back these videos we thought was amazing. But the project hasn’t been officially launched, we are excited, no one out there has heard of it yet - we want to present this music and video at a late night hub with artists doing pop ups! That's what I love about Glenn and the festival – you can go with any idea and they are up for it!’

As patrons Husky will also be presenting a solo show where he shares some gems from his artist’s catalogue including unreleased songs, songs that haven’t been played publically before, and songs that are still being formed.

And of course at night Gideon will do what he does best – host a wild and swinging Piano Bar frequented by an accidental ensemble of who makes it up the stairs! Last year this tiny improvised gig was one of the festival highlights.

Says Gideon of Husky’s festival involvement:

‘In our second year as patrons of our favourite festival on the planet, we’re stoked to present three of our new side projects - Husky Gawenda solo (Friday eve), Gideon Preiss Piano Bar (Every evening) and First Kiss Goodnight (Late nights).
Come see us, hear us, hang out with us, dance with us and be yourself with us.

There will be music and love and madness in the air, trust us.’

Husky presents:
First Kiss Goodnight (Fri+Sat+Sun | Village Vanguard)
Husky Gawenda (Fri | 6.30pm | St Martins Hall - Solo)
Gideon Preiss's PIANO BAR