Sun | High School | 7.30pm

Volcanic Lovers play the inner workings of songwriter Alisha Todd, whose lyrics celebrate the wanderlust and beauty of life and connection of humans and nature alike. Drawing from influences in afro-latin styles, the VLovers lay down a foundation of infectious groove, built up with load bearing bass lines, windows of glossy ambience and layers of lofty guitar tones, complimenting that sweet and powerful voice you will come to know.

Following their debut single release on July 10th, Volcanic Lovers will be debuted their musical presence at the culturally rich Bello Winter Music Festival in Bellingen and later in the year look forward to gracing the stages of some of Australia’s favourite music and arts festivals: Caloundra Music Festival and Mullum Fest.

The band of long-time Uni friends and Gold Coast locals, with musicians you might know from bands Cheap Fakes and Mason Rack Band, are a sonic experience so visceral and rich, they make a feast for the eyes, ears and sixth sense.
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