Terms and Conditions.

By proceeding you agree to the following terms and conditions of the Mullum Music Festival 2018 (MMF 2018) -

The MMF 2018 is a multi venue festival. The event is not a one stage concert and some popular performances will be full. The MMF 2018 will not oversell or breach the legal capacities of any of the venues of the festival or the combined capacity of the venues.

Entry to the festival is at your own risk.

The rules of each venue of the festival apply at that venue and must be adhered to.

The MMF 2018 shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage sustained at the event or at any of the venues the event is held at.

The MMF 2018 is not responsible for your travel to or from the festival or travel between festival venues or events, or any for any loss, injury or damage sustained whilst travelling to the festival or whilst travelling between festival venues.

Travel on the Magic Bus or other commercial vehicle's provided by the festival for your travel between venues is at your own risk. The festival takes no responsibility for your safety. You should follow the basic safety rules of the vehicle. These include no standing up whilst the vehicle is in motion, you must remain within the vehicle at all times, and you must take direction from the driver and festival staff at all times, including getting on and off the bus.

If the event is cancelled only the face value of the ticket will be refunded and only from the place of purchase.

The right to refuse entry is reserved. You must have photographic identification to purchase alcohol.

The festival is an all weather event however there are some outdoor presentations. The MMF 2018 reserves the right to cancel/ reschedule or relocate these events at its discretion without refunding any part of the ticket price.

All refunds are at the discretion of MMF 2018.

Tickets are non refundable if stolen, damaged or unused.

The MMF 2018 reserves the right to change the date, venue, schedule and entertainment.

Persons using tickets for promotions or competitions without permission will be prosecuted.

Any dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated.