Friday | St Martin's Hall | 6.30pm
Saturday | Courthouse | 7.30pm
Sunday | Courthouse | 6.00pm

Sarah Carroll, sister Suzannah Espie, wayward son Rusty Rich and second cousin Greg Field are The Cartridge Family, named for their breezy, sunshine-filled hillbilly songs of death, and for their strong affiliation to public radio, firearms and printing.

While giving a sincere musical nod to early country groups like the Carter Family and the Delmore Brothers, the Cartridge Family also have a stack of foot stomping, fun original songs such as Vegetarian Truck Drivin’ Redneck Man, Beerijuana, Dickheads with Guns and There Ain’t No Facebook in Heaven.

Their three-part harmonies and two-part jokes add up to one hell of a good time!

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