Song Harvest brings together songwriters along with three instrumentalists drawn from the past eight years of the Mullum Music Youth Mentorship Program.

Curated by Domini Forster and Cecelia Brandolini, this project draws on local emerging songwriters and more established artists from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to collaborate on their new songs. Initially sharing their material with each other online, then rehearsing in the flesh to develop this performance. Vocal harmonies from some of the best young singers to come out of the YMP will be as abundant as the grooves from the backline section. Freshly harvested, well seasoned, come and enjoy.Featuring: Domini Forster, Cecilia Brandolini, Asha Jefferies, Squeak Lemaire, Hannah Parrington, Chloe Mason, Bridget and Monica Brandolini, Mali Biggin, Meghan Donnelly, Nick Scales, Luka Biggin, Paddy Swaine