Friday | Drill Hall | 7.45pm
Saturday | Drill Hall | 9pm
Sunday | Drill Hall | 7.30pm

Ohad Rein is the singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist behind the internationally acclaimed OLD MAN RIVER project, an eclectic musical voyage that manages to blend conscious pop, folk-rock, psychedelia and world music, all under one warm blanket of positive, melodic and inspiring sounds.

Getting better and better with each offering, Old Man River has evolved his long-awaited 3rd album, ILOVEYOUSORRYPLEASEFORGIVEMETHANKYOU - released by Believe in June 2018, published through BMG.

it is an eclectic celebration box of audio delights, featuring such differing musical styles as conscious pop reggae, rock n roll, electro, folk and just generally uplifting retro-style tracks.

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