Sunday | Village Vanguard | 5pm

Michael John Bryant has worked under monikers, psuedonyms and nicknames his whole life. Now it’s time to be honest. An obsession with theatre, rock and roll, tall tales and creating a sonic world to hide behind he first came onto the scene as M. Jack Bee. Part alt-country, all guitar walls of sound and a swagger to match, his two EP’s ‘I Don’t Want To Fight You’ and ‘In Loops’ garnered local admiration and national tours for the young upstart. Next he fell in with surf film maker Taylor Steele and together they created MT WARNING, a cinematic songwriting project that took the band from London’s Field Day Festival, Austin’s SXSW, Byron’s Splendour In The Grass and of course Mullum’s own MMF; tours with Gang Of Youth’s, The Temper Trap, Edwarde Sharpe and landing radio play on BBC Radio 1 and Triple J for their albums ‘Midnight Set’ and ‘Petrified Heart’.

Then life got in the way. It all fell apart. He was left with one question, ‘how the fuck do i deal with this?’ It was time to strip back the confusion and answer directly that. Beginning with the name his parents gave him, Michael John Bryant headed into a second hand guitar shop-come-studio by night with producer Diego Zaragoza and answered that question as best he could with the only thing he had left to lean on, music. The album ‘How do i deal with this’ is a raw, honest appraisal of a person dealing with a past that is difficult to accept, and hoping for a future that was difficult to imagine. The music is raw, guitar and voice, with subtle grandeur of strings and piano and simple drums to deal with life on life’s terms. As it is.

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