Saturday | High School | 2.45pm

Meninas da Lua (Moon Girls) are a vibrant, high-spirited celebration of movement and song. A feminine percussion, vocal and dance collective that pays homage to the deep roots of Afro-Brazilian culture in particular the traditional African-infused rhythms of the the north-east: the Coco, Ijexa, Maracatu, Afoxe and Samba de Roda.

Featuring the powerful, deep voice of Priscilla Rios and the evocative Orixa dances, Meninas da Lua bring the meaning and strength of this rich culture, as a social transformer for respect, unity, love and generosity.

A hit at Island Vibe Festival, BEMAC, Festa Junina Miami Marketta 2016 and Miami Carnaval 2017, Splendour 2018.

"If you want your heart to beat with more joy, then look out for this band"

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