Friday | Bowlo | 9pm
Saturday | Courthouse | 4.30pm
Sunday | Bowlo | 9pm

Ladyslug are multi-dimensional freaks. They roll in the realm of nu-jazz, navigating between the chaos and calm of their monstrous tunes.

Their songs are collisions of an explosive vocal palette, lyrics laden in ironic hyperbole, polyrhythmic keys and high-functioning harmony, held down by a phat rhythm section fascinated with quintuplets.

Their guerrilla musicianship and creative prowess are makin’ waves along the Australian east coast, seeing Ladyslug play Falls Festival Byron Bay in 17/18.

Sprung from the loins of the Northern NSW in 2016, the band made their international debut at Gig on The Green, at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta in August 2017, alongside Australian heavy-weights, Vallis Alps.

Ladyslug is poised to pounce.

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