Sat | Bowlo | 10.30am

Returning to the festival for the first time since 2012, this hard-core troubadour’s story-telling, song slinging has always been "authentic and original" (Don Walker).

His slow ballads paint vivid tapestries that take you with him through the land and sea on which he’s worked and travelled.

More than one skipper threatened to throw Jimmy's guitar overboard if he left it in the galley again...rusty strings and hard work have always become this hardcore troubadour...with a habit of chatting to old folks where ever he's gone or going, there's a natural empathy for his fellow human evident in his work...so this story telling song slinger who's worked around the world on land and sea never forces time and swings naturally... having worked with some of Canada and Australia's heaviest hired guns, He's learnt to work on the fly... His compositions could be the spawn of a sea shanty and a jazz standard.

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