Sun | High School | 5pm

"Don't be fooled by the glittery jumpsuit.
Frazey Ford is out for blood"
(National Public Radio, NPR)

Canadian singer-songwriter Frazey Ford is bringing her smooth, opulent and electric voice to our 10th Mullum Music Festival. She is the founding member of the critically acclaimed group The Be Good Tanya’s, who garnered high critical praise for both their recorded work and their fun, impressive live performances on the folk and bluegrass circuits.

In 2010 she released her debut solo album Obadiah which takes its name from Ford’s middle name. In 2014 she released her second album Indian Ocean - a record about pain and dealing with tough truths but also about trust, love contrition and being bold. Ford's self-possession and passion puts flesh to the musical bones, and you hear a record hit the essence of Aretha's notion of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

For this record she teamed up with Al Green’s band, the Hi Rhythm Section. Ford wanted this record and collaboration to have spontaneity, and was a lucky beneficiary of their amazing talents, with the trio emphasizing her sensual and fierce vocals.

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