Fri | Piano Bar | 5pm
Sat | Mullum Markets | 10am
Sat | Drill Hall | 7.30pm
Sun | Drill Hall | 12.30pm
*Song Harvest Show
Sun | Drill Hall | 4.30pm

There are many paths you can follow that lead to a life of music. For many, inspiration strikes in adolescence; for others, it is only once they step out into the adult world that their talent rises to the surface. And then there are those who find their calling in Year 4, busking with a ukulele outside their mum’s meringue shop in Byron Bay.

Cecilia Brandolini is one of those refreshingly brave performers who are not only adept across multiple instruments – piano, violin, and of course ukulele – but has also honed that rarest talent of all; a style and voice of her very own. With her breath-taking voice reminiscent of Kate Miller-Heidke, piano talents that bring to mind Regina Spektor, and Joni Mitchell-esk song writing aesthetic that’s impossible to ignore.

At only 19-years old, despite releasing numerous records with various projects already Cecilia is excited to release her debut solo album late 2017.

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