Friday | Courthouse | 7.30pm
Saturday | Courthouse | 9.00pm

‘Tyrrell’s incredible journey is one you’d be well advised to follow... A purveyor of elegant yet seductively psychedelic folk songs....’ (Iain Shedden)

The Australian Story is at the forefront for troubadour Áine Tyrrell who draws deeply on her Irish roots, with one boot in the red dirt of her adopted country of Australia and the other firmly planted in her homeland.

Áine cradles the spirit of her native homeland. Ache, honesty, elated melodies and garnishing rhythms which a thousand years of ancestry have slammed foot to floorboards to for both celebration and protest. Her music is a call to arms, a siren’s wisdoms and warnings, and most importantly the soundtrack of a woman who walks her own beat.

Áine launches the video for her brand new single 'In This House' on Thurs Sep 13th in Byron Bay.

The brand new full album 'Return To The Sea' is due for release January 2019, and is a treasure trove of contemporary narratives and musical sojourns, with a solid respect for tradition, and a passion for adventure and travelling to new lands, both real and musical.

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