Áine Tyrrell (IRE)

Fri | 6pm | Poinciana Café
*Sat | Festival Marketplace | 11am
*W/shop - Tin Whistle
Sat | 9pm | Courthouse Hotel
Sun | 7.15pm | Bowlo

Like many Irish troubadours before her, there’s a great storytelling tradition at the heart of Áine Tyrrell’s music.

Perhaps that’s one of the things, apart from her musicianship and an equally deft touch with a killer hook or a heartrending lament, which attracted the attention of celebrated Irish craftsman Glen Hansard.

That’s the story that has unfolded since performing in at Mullum Festival last year for the Australian-based Irish singer Tyrrell’s extraordinary career, a beautiful meeting of like minds in which Tyrrell’s seductive, mournful voice, atop a stirring Celtic soul romp, is given a little extra finesse by her good friend Hansard on her new single 'Don’t Be Left Crying' Crying’ from her 2017 EP ‘Fledgling Fall’.

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